The Bearded Macfin

I want to tell you a story about a mythical animal called the Bearded Macfin.  The Bearded Macfin is part bearded dragon part macaw and part dolphin.  This is how the creature came to be. 

Once there was a magnificent ship called the HMS Super Explorer.  That ship was sailing the beautiful open waters to explore and find buried treasure.  The ship crashed into some rocks on a stormy night and all of the passengers died except for Charles Sander, the ships second captain.  He survived the accident because he could tread water and he got lucky and held on to a large board of the ship.  After treading water for twenty minutes his legs were starting to get exhausted.

  Right before he accepted defeat a dolphin swam over to him and Charles grabbed its fin.  The dolphin then swam away carrying Charles on its back.  They finally reached an island were the dolphin let Charles get off.  Charles took off his backpack and looked for something to give the dolphin as a gift for saving his life.  All he could find to give was an empty jar used to keep small animals.  The man said to the dolphin “Thank you for saving me.  I wish I had something to repay you with, but all I have is this jar.”                                                                                                                                                

And when he said this, the dolphin shrunk down until he was an inch long and then he jumped into the tiny jar.  Charles amazed at what he saw stood there stunned but then realized he needed to fill the jar with water so the dolphin could survive.  He did so and then took the jar and started to explore the island.

   He found a patch of berries and he started to gather them because he was starving.  Right before he took a bite a vivid colored macaw came swooping down and knocked the berries out of his hands.  He yelled at the macaw because the berries landed in the dirt.  Right before he was going to eat another berry the dolphin started to make noise.  He realized the berries must be poisonous.  He thanked the macaw for saving his life and the macaw shrank down to an inch tall and sat on Charles shoulder.  He was shocked he found another magical animal.

  He started to walk when he hurt chatter.  He knew it was humans and then he heard they were talking about being hungry.  He saw them through the bushes and saw there clothes and weapons.  They were pirates!  He backed away slowly not wanting to have a confrontation with these sea raiders when he stepped on a rock and fell into a tree.  He yelled in pain and then heard the pirates coming after him.  He turned to run but felt a sword in the small of his back.  “Now why should I not kill you?”

The pirate had a very scary voice but Charles said “you said you were hungry, I know were some berries are”

“Show us the berries or I will cut you up so your insides look like squished berries.”

Charles gulped and then began to walk the way he came.  He showed the pirates the berries that were on the side of a rock formation and they began to eat them.  All of them ate except for the captain.  The captain picked up a berry and looked at it suspecting it could be poisonous.  He then thought it was fine and he held it to his mouth.  Then the other five pirates dropped dead to the ground.  The captain pulled out his sword and was about to cut Charles stomach in half when a bearded dragon jumped from the rocks above and bit the pirates nose off.  He then spit the nose into the open mouth of the pirate and then he jumped off.  The pirate was choking on his own nose for a few seconds before he fell over and died.  The bearded dragon saved his life.  Three animals saved his life today.  Like the other two animals the bearded dragon shrunk down to an inch and rested on the other shoulder of Charles. 

 Charles then walked to a lake in the middle of the island.  He then saw some huts made of would and leaves.  HE looked over and there were 50 people running at him.  He thought the island was uninhabited but he was wrong.  The island was home to hundreds of evil cannibals.  Luckily most of the cannibals were a couple of miles away but they were already heading back.  When the cannibals were surrounding him something amazing happened.  The dolphin jumped out of the jar and the bearded dragon and macaw jumped off Charles shoulder and hit each other in mid air.  There was a bright flash and a loud bang and the cannibals howled in fear.  The three animals joined together and started to grow until there was a 15 foot long creature. 

This creature had a head and front legs of a bearded dragon the wings of a macaw and a tail of a macaw.  The creature could fly, bite, swim, and jump.  The three animals were now one Bearded Macfin.  The great Macfin was huge!  It ran around biting of the cannibals heads and before they could attack with there spears it would fly to a new location and then start again.  It was smashing people with its dolphin tail and then would puff up its beard to show that it’s was all powerful.  The cannibals knew they would need the reinforcements that were coming there way so they started screaming in their language of clicks and noises.  Charles jumped on the back of the Bearded Macfin and it flew away just before hundreds of cannibals broke through the bushes and started shooting arrows.

  After hours of flying Charles realized he was home!  The Bearded Macfin shrunk down and followed Charles inside.  He left the creature down stairs while he went upstairs to get a piece a paper and a paint brush.  He wanted to paint a picture of the animal so it could be always remembered.  When he cleared the landing he saw the Bearded Macfin was gone!!!  He would never see the animal again but some neighbors claimed they saw a colorful bird fly away with a lizard on its back and fisherman spotted a dolphin swimming of the coast of England.  Later Charles discovered the amazing Platypus but that’s a whole different story.













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