Not To Brag

I can serve the ball by you and I can smash the ball at you and I always win.  I can hit the yellow ball for hours without missing because of how often I practice and how I stay in shape.  I also stay in shape when i am hiking and climbing.  I can hike through the woods and climb up rocks like a monkey climbs a tree.  And by the way, I can also climb trees.  That’s not all I do outdoors, I am also amazing at kayaking. I have paddled 0through the oceans of southern California, the rivers of Hawaii, and the lakes in Washington. I can paddle supper fast or I can slow down and look at the scenery.

  I am also good at reading.  When I like the book I am reading I read fast.  I will almost always enjoy a book with action and adventure.  When I read I feel like the characters in the book. I feel like Frodo Baggins running through Middle Earth to destroy the evil ring.  I feel like Will shooting arrows into a pack of Wargels.

have been to 15 states. I have been to Disneyland 5 times, SeaWorld 15 times and flown on a plane over 50 times.  I have swum in oceans, lakes, rivers and pools.  I have swam on the sandy beaches of San Diego during a red flag.  The lifeguard said no swimming aloud but I survived the huge waves slamming me backwards and then hitting me to the ocean floor.

  I have amazingly awesome pets, two beagles and a lizard.  My lizard is a bearded dragon. His kind can be two feet long and inhabit the scorching deserts of Australia.  I have a big room.  I have a queen sized bed, a huge book shelf a wall of closets and a huge stand with my lizard’s terrarium on top. 

 My full name is Brady Flynn Anderson which means I have a large chest and I am manly and I also am a son of a red haired man.


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