Things I like To Do

I love sports because they are fun and they are a great way to stay in shape.  I used to play soccer and baseball for seven years and that’s how I met all of my friends. Me and my dad have been playing ping-pong in are garage together for eight years.   W now have a new table and play in are rec room instead of are garage. I have been playing tennis competitively for four years and I play with my dad every day.  We are members of the Bellingham tennis club and we play a lot of tournaments there.  Tennis is my favorite sport because it is active and I’m good at it.  I also like to watch sports.  I enjoy watching baseball, football and tennis.  I grew up to baseball because my mom worked for the San Diego Padres so we had season tickets.  I have been to over hundred baseball games and I even went to a World Series win I was one years old.  Tennis I s my favorite hobby but I enjoy other things.

  I really love the outdoors.   Something I love to do outdoors is kayaking.  I have kayaked in three different states.  I kayaked on a winding river in Hawaii, in the oceans of Southern California, and in lakes and the sound in Washington.  The last time I kayaked it was a sunny day in the San Juan Islands.  It was on a lake surrounded by trees and many water plants like lily pads and water reeds.  We were staying at a family friend’s house and they had a nice sock to launch kayaks from.  The water was heated by the sun so the first foot of water was very warm and then it got colder and colder.  I kayaked around the lake and explored the reeds.  After I sat on the dock to get some sun and have a snack. That was a very great day and thinking about makes me want to kayak.  Another outdoors hobby is hiking.  I love to hike and climb up things.  Over the summer we went to Clayton beach and I started exploring.  I found a good place to rock climb and I climbed it really fast.  It is very fun to climb and hike because it burns calories and makes you try new things.

  When I’m not outside I like to play with electronics.  I like to watch TV, watch videos or look up random things on the computer or play on my phone or tablet.  I recently got the new Samsung galaxy tab.  It has a really nice screen to play games and watch shows on.  I also like to read if the book has enough action and an interesting story.  I really like to read books that are in a series. Like the hunger games, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Rangers Apprentice series.   I also like to travel.  My favorite place to travel is San Diego.  I like to travel there because I was born there and lived there for twelve and a half years.  That’s also were all of my good friends live.  I went to San Diego three times last summer to see friends and to get some sun and warm weather.  If only I had more free time so I could experience these hobbies more.


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