The Unknown People

This time he forced the shield over two his right to block the sword.  He was just in time in blocking it.  After defeating his opponent, the other soldiers blew their horn four times and ran away.  He then walked across the road and disappeared into the trees.

So far he allowed a towering tree to act as cover from unwanted eyes and started to fall asleep.  He woke up to a howl hooting in the middle of the night.  In the morning he found a log cabin when he was exploring the woods.  He was probably going to stay in the woods for a couple of weeks so he might as well explore his new home.  The log cabin was covered in snow just like most of the mountainous area.  He saw the cabin had four windows that were open on each side and a door on one of them.  He opened the door slightly and went in.  After a few steps he turned around and saw a soldier behind the door holding a crossbow.  Then he turned back around and saw all four windows had a few crossbowmen leaning in ready to shoot.   He realized he walked into a trap.

Hopping from one foot to another the tribesmen soldiers danced around him which they always did before a kill.  Then before they shot him with there crossbows, they went down hit by something very loud.  When they fell,  he saw a group of people that looked like humans but had heads that elongated behind more, and they were carrying what looked to be metal oddly formed into a weapon that must be powerful.  They were wearing lots of clothing with lots of small pouches on them. They beckoned him forward and he obeyed.  He had no other option since they had powerful weapons.

He followed them outside the cabin and he saw the whole tribesmen army gathered around them.  There were hundreds of them and they drew their weapons and slowly moved closer.  The unknown people that saved him pulled out their weapons and moved all away around the cabin shooting their loud weapons like shooting hundreds of arrows from a bow.  All of the army was dead because of the unknown people’s godly weapons.  They must be gods or not of this earth because they started talking to him in his head.  They were telling him that they were going to take him far away and after they said that something went into his arm that felt like a small knife and then everything went black.  His last thought in his head was that his life was going to change because of these unknown people.


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