My own hunger games part 1

 I was in a jungle, more like a rainforest with every color imaginable from vivid greens, popping yellows and bursting reds that reminded me of the color of blood.  Then I laid my eyes on the golden cornucopia.  The sun was reflecting off of it but you could still see what it held around and inside it.  I now realized we were in a circle opening but there were tress surrounding us.  The trees and very large leaves and had many bright colored flowers.  The sky was very blue and the suns rays had no clouds to go through.  I prepared myself because the sixty seconds was drawing to a close.  I hear the gong and I run knowing what would happen if I wasn’t fast enough.

When the rebel forces tried to over throw the capitol the world changed dramatically.  District 13 got absolutely obliterated.  News casts from the capitol show reporters in radiation suits telling the tale of no survivors.  The other districts had to surrender and to prevent more uprisings and to gain more control, the capitol made a policy.  The policy would claim hundreds of kid’s lives all over Panem.  The policy was going to make one boy and one girl from every district go to the hunger games.  The hunger games are a fight to the death in a huge arena that can be miles and miles long.  One of the twenty-four will live and live a life of luxury at that.  Last year was the first annual hunger games.

The first hunger games Took place in a dense woodland with lots of firewood and food if you new were to find it.  It had a fairly large river running through it with some rapids and some small pools.  There were the normal animals like rabbits, squirrels, and small ground birds like quail, but there were also some animals that were obviously not entirely natural.  These animals are mutts.  Genetic mutations made in labs in the capitol.  A good example of this was the bears that would attack if you were by there part of the river, or the eagles that dropped rocks on your head.  The weapons were swords, maces, clubs and some bow and arrows.  That hunger games was said to be “exiting” from the capitol but they also said that next year they were going to try something new. 

It is now the second year of the games and that “something new” is very interesting.  Instead of using Iron Age weapons they are using guns.  It has not even been two years after the rebellion and Panem has only existed For twenty two years.  Before Panem, the whole word had people living on it.  But then the past livers of North America engaged in a brutal World war successfully killing the world by using bombs that contained toxic radiation.  During the final world war, the armies used automatic rifles and scoped rifles that could hit targets from a mile away.  It was very sad because they were working on many new technologies that would be very useful like curing diseases and developing rockets that could go to mars holding twenty people.  This year’s change in the games is supposed to be a big hit but they have not officially decided whether or not they will continue this in future games. 

The arena is a vast expanse of rainforest that has a small lake and a few meandering rivers.  There is also a large hill which is more of a small mountain.  The tropical plants come with animals that look like they are from different worlds including huge twenty foot crocodiles, with dozens of razor sharp teeth and scaly armor.  There are also monkeys and apes that swing from the trees with grace and ease.  The most out of the world creature is the massive elephant weighing thousands of pounds providing enough meat for weeks as long as you get past its 5  foot long curled tusks.  There are also lots of traps that the game makers control, such as the pits of quicksand that will bring any unwary tribute to a slow death.  There are also rainstorms that make the earth loose so mudslides take the tributes down to the river were then many drowned.  The game makers made such a large jungle because some of the rifles can shoot people from great distances and some of the grenades can blow up anybody in the in the immediate vicinity.   Of course, the game makers did not want the games to end quickly, so they equipped each tribute with a high tech Kevlar suit that can block most bullets.  The Suit blocked the arms leg and lower stomach but left the head, neck and upper chest exposed.  You need to score a good shot to earn a kill.

In the middle of the arena is the cornucopia, home to weapons and supplies.  Around the cornucopia are twenty-four circular platforms.  One tribute starts off on a platform and they have to stay on it for sixty seconds before they can go into the fight or run away into the dense forest.  If you leave the platform early then you will trigger sensitive mines that will blow you into the sky.  After the sixty seconds are up there will be a gong which notifies the start of the hunger games.


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