Zombies in bellingham 1

Maybe there are no other survivors.  The whole world has been plagued with a new virus called Zombietitis. Zombietitis or virus z for short kills people in a matter of minutes.  Then after a couple of hours, the body comes back to life but the whole brain is dead except for the base.  The base of the brain controls basic functions but all of the memories and wisdom is gone.  All that is left is a body that wants to eat humans and most of all, wants to spread the disease.

I was walking around what was left of Fairhaven, a nice area in Bellingham Washington that is full of brick buildings, but also full of zombies.  I walk down the street with my shotgun in hand, revolver by my side, and a backpack full of beef jerky.  All of it scavenged from people’s homes.  Some of them still had their occupants inside, but there they were drastically different.  By sight, they were bloody, dirty humans with torn off body parts and bite marks from others with the disease. By Sound, they breathed heavy and moved loudly not caring about stealth.  By smell, they smelt like death, decomposing and blood. By Feel and taste, I do not know.  If they get that close then the chances are you won’t remember.  If you get that close, you will turn into one of them, Into a Zombie.

Today was cloudy, the average day in Bellingham.  The world changed so much but the weather took no notice.  I looked into the window of the store near me.  I immediately recognized it as the gelato store that I visited so frequently before the virus hit.  I looked at the faded mermaid on the door covered in a splatter of blood.  I went inside knowing the Gelato would be bad.  After all it’s been over four weeks since virus z came to Bellingham’s doorstep.  I put my shot gun on the counter and I looked at the flavor titles and remembered the rich taste of chocolate and the mouth watering taste of the fruity forest berry.  I went into the back room and I quickly ran after I saw a lady covered in blood standing upright.  She heard me and she chased after me doing the variation of the noise that all zombies make.  It is a mix between heavy breathing and the satisfactory noise when you see good food.  And for her I was good food.

I grabbed my revolver and shot three shots.  Two of them hit their targets and the Zombie went down.  I stood over the dying zombie and it looked up at me, mouth open and still making sounds.  Zombies never give up a meal unless they die.  I held my gun downwards between the eyes of the hideous creature.  I took the shot and then it was quiet.


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