A Confusing Day

You walk through the scorching hot desert, your skin is burnt and your tongue is really dry.  You see a palm tree up a head and you fall down and then crawl towards it withall your strength.  You’re so thirsty but you manage to make it without dying.  You remember stories of water in vines hanging from trees so you tear of the only vine on the tree and bite down on it.  You hear a loud hiss and then everything goes black. 

You wake up not knowing were you are, but you don’t car because you are submerged in shade and your mouth feels moist from cold water.   You look up and see a man and you ask him what happened.  He says that you bit on a snake and it bit you and you went unconscious.   You thank the man for saving your life and you give him a few gold coins and he accepts them and then you move on.

After ten days you are finally out of the desert, and into a lush jungle.  You see amazing animals and they see you.  You see a monkey and you want to be like the monkey so you climb.  You climb up hundreds of feet, slide down the trunk climb it again and then swing to another tree.  You swing for hours but then you are tired and you go to sleep.  You wake up to find an armadillo next to you and it rolls into a ball and you want to be like it so you roll.  You do somersault after somersault rolling around the mossy floor.  You get dizzy after a while and you stop, but you are not tired so you walk on. 

 You see a colorful bird flying around so you want to fly.  You climb a tree and jump.  The wind rushes upward passing you and then it stops when you hit the ground with a smash.  You can not fly.  You fell sad.  You wanted to do every thing.  You get over it and then feeling selfish, you are in the mood to help someone. You walk along the forest ground until you reach a river to fast and deep to swim across.  Across the river is a desert that looks very similar to the one you were in.  You are about to find somewhere else to go when you see a man getting pulled by the current and drowning.  You pull him out of the river and he thanks you, pays you a few gold pieces and moves the direction you came from and soon disappears into the trees. 

 You find a spot to get past the river and you cross it.  The dessert is very baron except for one palm tree with a figure crawling towards it.  You go over to the tree and you see the figure get bitten.  At first you think it is somehow you but then you see this man is much taller and has darker hair.  You get the snake off of him and tend to his wounds.  You wake up tell him what happened he hands over some coins and you accept them.  He walks away and you feel tired from a busy day so you fall asleep.


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