My own hunger games 7

My life has changed dramatically over the last few months.  First I get picked to go to the hunger games where I will most likely die.  Then I go to the training center in the capitol and learn that I am a good shot when it comes to shooting guns.  After that I survive the initial cornucopia battle and I escape with a valuable foliage suit.  And on top of all that I find a great camp that then practically gets infiltrated by the pack.   Yes my life has changed a lot lately with out me wanting it but now, I’m going to influence some of the changes so I can survive. 

In the morning I decide I am going to make a better observation post outside the cave so I can watch what the pack does.  When they leave for there mid day hunting I start.  I add more foliage at the edge of the rocks but still behind the tree so nobody can sneak up on me.  I move some of the big rocks over so I can peer between two of them with out being noticed.  After I am satisfied with my hiding spot I put my leafy suit back on and decide I will never take it off.  I don’t want to risk getting seen by the pack.  If they just see a flash of movement and some plants they might not care.  But if they see movement and a body then I will be riddled with bullet wholes very quickly.

When Marc woke up he quickly looked turned on the Projectron.   He watched as the pack headed away from the pond they were at last night.  But he could tell they would be back because they left a guard to protect the weapons and the food.  Now the camera panned over to the waterfall and then zoomed into the water.  Then the angle switched again and showed a cave.  In that cave held the sleeping body of Fred Flynn.   Marc watched the screen while he ate breakfast and he watched Fred wake up and start making a concealed observation spot.  “The kid is smart”. He thought to himself


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