My own hunger games part 2

Gonnngggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had many choices.  I could run to my left which would take me to the lake.  There is a good chance the lake would attract many other tributes so it would not be wise to choose that direction.  The hill is behind me but that is probably just as popular as the lake because of the great vantage point.  I could go straight, but that would mean going around the cornucopia.   Going left and to my back both had more trees so I could not see that far but I’m guessing there were a few lakes as a second water source.  I thought about what would happen if I went to the blood bath at the cornucopia.

I’m fifteen years old and my name is Fred Flynn.  I’m really fast and I have some muscle but I’m not big like some of the other contestants.  I only weigh 160 pounds and I’m five feet ten inches.  There are some giant contestants especially one who is six feet eleven inches and weighs 350 pounds.  The industry in district six is transportation and we make cars for the capitol and keep up the train that goes around the nation.  Kids start helping at age 12.  Luckily my dad was a worker who fixed the railroads so I got to see the different areas of the nation when most people don’t now what the other districts look like.  From fixing the railroads I have developed muscles in my arms from hammering and lots of leg and core strength from carrying heavy metal objects that shape the rail road.  The people in my district usually have lighter brown or blonde hair but it is almost always straight and so do I.  My mom does not work transportation; instead she works at a clothing store with my grandma made for the richer people in the town.  I have no siblings and I am glad because they would have to watch me fight and probably die on TV.  The hunger games are mandatory for everyone in Panem to watch and all events including school stop when it is time for the games.  Even the parents of the tributes have to watch as their child gets their life take away for the capitol’s enjoyment.

I run toward the cornucopia as fast as my adrenaline pumped body can go and on my side of the cornucopia I am first.  All I need is to grab a gun and get out.  Before the game s you can train at the training facility and I got very skilled with shooting guns.  I grabbed a pistol because I did not want anyone to fight me for a fancy gun.  I started to run left when a chubby girl coming from the other side pulled out an Uzi and was about to shoot when my instincts pulled up my pistol and fired one clean shot hitting her dead between the eyes.  I grabbed the camouflage backpack she had and ran towards to the right, the unknown jungle.  I could here heavy automatic gunfire on the other side of the cornucopia and I knew there would be lots of death today.


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