My own hunger games part 3

Gonnngggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The sound was as clear as real life, even though it was coming out of a TV.  It was a big TV though.  Every person in the capitol had nice things like TV’s; surround sound speakers, cars, and any meal you want you can get in less then a minute. 

“Come on guys! The hunger games have started!!!”  Mike yelled at his friends.

“Anthony! Bring the popcorn! And don’t forget the pistachios!” Steve bellowed.

They were all ready to watch.  Everybody in the capitol watched and sometimes bet on the contestants and it was the biggest sport there was for them.  Mike, Steve and Anthony all bet on big strong people, they would not bet on smaller people even if they got a better training score.  But Marc was different.   He bet on people who he thought were scrappy and clever.  He bet on Fred Flynn this time because he was said to be fast but also smart.  All marc’s friend though he was insane to pick someone that was not even six feet tall.  He didn’t listen to them; it would all show later on.

  I was a couple hundred yards away from the blood bath when he looked around.  There were huge trees everywhere, with big leaves and vines that wrapped around them like a thin green snake.  There were pink and blue flowers on the ground and butterflies were gently flying around and landing on them.  I also saw a small area of bushes that were partially broken.  It looked like something went through them.  When I bent down and looked, he said the feet were some type of mammal but the tracks were not human.  I went further and realized it was going down hill. Then I noticed some water slowly trickling down a large tree and going down the hill.  It must lead to a river. I followed it down a couple miles but I knew he could not go further tonight.

I found a tree to climb and sleep in but then remembered the backpack I took at the cornucopia.  I took the straps off my shoulder and unzipped the bags metal zipper.  Inside was an empty water bottle that I immediately filled from the tiny stream. The stream was growing larger and running faster as it went down the hill.  I also found a small saw that was not really a weapon but it could cut small branches of trees.  What I found last was most surprising.

When I pulled the last thing out of my bag I thought it was full of leaves, flowers and grass.  But the then when I pulled it fully out I saw it was a suit with realistic looking foliage on it to blend in with the jungle.  This would probably be a key for my survival because I could hide anywhere in the great expanse of jungle.  Now equipped with this new leafy suit, I was willing to find a concealed place on the ground instead of in the trees because I would be invisible unless someone actually stepped on me which would be unlikely.  I still did not want to risk it so I walked over to an area overgrown with bushes and tall grass surrounded by a few large vine covered trees.  I laid down his bag and used it as a pillow because it was fairly soft.  I put the leafy suit over his body and noticed that it also came with a thin leafy face mask to cover my face but leaving wholes to see through and to breathe threw.  I was about to go to sleep when I realized they would project the images of the tributes who died today up in the sky after hearing the Panem anthem.  In a couple minutes the music started and when it was ended it was silent for a second but soon after 10 pictures of tributes popped up.  None were that unexpected; the big muscular ones from 1, 2 and 4 are working together in a pack so they are hard to kill.  No, all of the deaths were the weaklings and the physically unfit.  One of the pictures up there was the chubby girl from district five that I killed with one shot. The pictures disappeared with one last bit of music and then the night turned back to black, Black as the Capitol’s soul.


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