My own hunger games part 4

The friends watched as the pack of allies got a large light machine gun and a crate of ammo and were talking out many of the tributes. More would have died if it wasn’t for the Kevlar bullet proof suit.  They watched as a huge boy from district ten that was almost seven feet tall picked up a smaller boy and through him into the cornucopia. Then picked up a large knife and stabbed him and ran towards the lake.  The group of guy s was cheering because this was an action packed hunger games.  The capitol liked the violent sport because they considered the tributes animals, things below the rich capitol’s residents.  Of course, Marc was different.  He loved action movies and adventure games on his three dimensional Projectron (a fairly modern entertainment and gaming device) but the thought of real people dying made him feel sick.  Mark jumped from his seat in surprise as Fred put a bullet in a girl’s head and ran into the forest.  He saw that the boy had a gun and a camouflage backpack that could have something important inside. 

They watched until the day drew to a close.  During the night there is usually barley any action but if there is then they will show it in the morning recap.  Right now Marc saw that the commentator for the nightly recap was showing Fred Flynn alive and hidden in a leafy suit.  “So that’s what was in the back pack.” Marc thought to himself.

The night air was a perfect temperature, not being to hot or to cold.  There was a light mist that made the large green leaves collect droplets that slowly dripped of the corners. At midnight the mist turned into a drizzle that lasted for a few minutes before stopping completely, which made the colorful jungles silent once again.  Several hours later the sun had risen, waking me up.  Despite being in a large arena with 13 other tributes trying to kill me in order to survive, I had a good sleep.  With my foliage look a like suit on, I felt very safe that now one would harm me in the night.

When I got up I had a goal in mind.  To find a permanent campsite so I could take the offense.  I do not want to hide for the whole games; I want to establish a base and fight.  I do not now were I could go to find a good campsite but I new that it would have to be hidden, but not so secluded that it did not have any contact with enemies. If only Fred saw what was marc was seeing, A full map of the arena with the geographical features and major things that happened in areas.  The map also showed wear all of the tributes were. Marc was watching this in his entertainment room were his Projectron was located.  The Projectron projected multiple screens in the air that were 3d and in high definition quality.  If any tributes got close to each other there would be one screen on each of the tributes.  There was also always one screen with a commentator and one with an interactive screen so you could place bets.  The user could pick witch one would have sound by voice control and could change it any time he chose.  Marc always had one screen on Fred to see how he was doing.  Right now the boy was walking through the magnificent jungle looking at the amazing creatures that lived in it. 

He had long orange hair all over, except for his hands, feet and face.  On his head was a brown spot that must have been a birth mark   .He had thumbs like humans but his face was more round and he did not walk fully upright.  He was like a monkey but he had no tail and he was much bigger. He was swinging from tree to tree wit his long arms.  He landed on the ground by Fred and they sized each other up. Now that he was close, Fred recognized this animal from a book he read.  It was an orangutan, an ape that used to live on islands called Indonesia.  Fred had obviously not been there because it probably still had too much radiation, but the animals that lived there were said to be amazing.  Large cats that were orange and had black stripes, small colorful birds that made funny noises, and fish that lived on the coast that swam through cities made of coral that rivaled the looks of the capitol.  He also realized this was not a capitol made mutt, but a real animal that was not enhanced in any way.  Fred had read that these creatures are very smart and He wondered if the animal could understand that he was not in a real jungle but an arena made for death.


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