My own hunger games part 5

   As he walked on he saw flowers the size of the cornucopia and monkeys that could fit inside your palm. The colors of the Jungle were so bright and vivid they made your eyes tired by looking at them. Beneath a large tree with violet flowers was a large flat rock that was the color of midnight.  On that dark rock was an amazingly colored lizard that scales shimmered in the sun.  It looked at him and then dived into a bush, not wiling to come out.  There were also lizards in the trees that changed colors and had eyes that looked different directions.  He approached the lizard when a fly passed by and got snatched by a pink string. He quickly looked over at the lizard and saw him eating the fly it had just caught with his long sticky tongue. As Marc left the room to go to Steve’s house, he thought about the amazing animals he had watched on the screens and decided that he was going to go to the zoo and look at the thousands of animals they have on display. 

You see a great place to hide and make your base camp.  The location is amazing.  In this part of the Forest, the trees are less dense but have many species of plants and animals dwelling in them.  The river that runs by the cornucopia goes down a waterfall and lands in a deep pool that has rocks that border the Blue water.  Behind the water fall is a cave that is large enough to hold a few people but is small enough to keep you warm on the nights that are cool and brisk.  From the outside you would not know there was a cave there.  From the inside it looks like there was a blue veil covering the mouth of the cave.  The spot was so perfect because it had one entrance but to exits. You had to climb the over some rocks, through some taller grass, and then there was a big tree growing between the boulders.  You had to go under the tree through a gap in the semi-exposed roots to get into the cave. To leave you could go back through the small opening and under and past the obstacles, or you could jump through the blue veil into the deep water below.  You would survive if you jumped far enough.  There were only rocks surrounding the water but in the middle it was 20 foot deep fresh water.

I decide that this is the best spot to be so I make camp here.  There are holes in the rock walls and I hide my positions there including the one position i started the games with, the ring that has an emblem of a sword that is made of Topaz. It belonged to my grandpa and I thought that it was something I wanted to have when I died, or to have on when I m getting my picture taken and traveling to the capitol.  Earlier that day I started to walk a different direction so know I was closer to the cornucopia but I was well hidden.

I put on my leafy suit on and I walked outside going to explore my new home. Right when I walked out I saw five people all aged between fifteen and sixteen.  I stopped immediately.  I knew that in my camouflage suit if I was by a tree I would blend right in.  I stayed frozen until I knew all of them had there faces turned and I slowly sank down.  I peered out from under the bush and saw my action went unnoticed. I looked at them and I realized this was the allied team from district one, two, and four.  They allied at the first hunger games last year and they continued this year knowing they would get far and then they would turn on each other like a vicious pack of wolves.  I could hear them talking loudly.  That is probably because they are loaded with assault rifle and one of the boys was still carrying the machine gun from the blood bath at the cornucopia.  They talked about the small lake on the other side of the arena and now I am happy that I did not go over there.  The lake was infested with freshwater piranhas that were obliviously mutts.  They were each a foot long and had inch long razor sharp teeth but that was not the scary part.  They traveled in pacts of about one hundred and could tear a human apart in five seconds.  Then I noticed that some of them had wounds and realized that there were six of them to begin with.  They checked the pool for any man eating fish but they found none.  They cleaned there wounds in the water before deciding that this was there knew base camp.


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