My own hunger games part 6

Go away.  That’s what I was thinking to my self.  I did not want the tribute pack to stay.  My base camp was less then one hundred yards away.  But then I realized I could keep an eye on them and I could even attack if I had to.  It was getting dark so I crawled outside to observe the pack.  I noticed that they left one person to stay awake while the rest slept.  I waited outside for another twenty minutes before it was about time to project any dead tributes into the sky.  There were none.  That was not surprising because there would be cannon blasts notifying each death but I thought I might have missed it somehow.  I thought about the thousands of people watching.  After no action, the game makers usually find away to spice up the games but I think the capitol will be on the edge of there seats knowing that I am so close to the tribute pack.

Today Marc watched the Hunger Games segment on the arena.  It showed maps of the arenas were people were just like everyday but it also showed some of the animals and other features of the Hunger Games.   Marc picked Fred to locate and it showed him the map.  The arena was in the shape of a large oval.  In the middle was the cornucopia sitting in a clearing and bordered by many tropical trees.  On the left or west side was a large hill and on the North West side is a large lake.  On the screen it showed a picture of a piranha over the lake.  There was a large river coming from the south east going by the right side of the cornucopia and breaking off into three parts.  One stayed south of the Cornucopia and led t a pool and had the face of Fred on it showing Marc that Fred was there.  The second part leads up north and then west of the cornucopia and then went into the lake.  The last one went north and flowed into a small lake a little bigger then the pool wear Fred was.  By the hill was a small lake wear the runoff collects when it goes down the hill.  Marc then clicked a button to show where the pack was.  Marc knew that they were very dangerous so he added them on the map so he knew where they were.  He then gasped as it showed them almost on the same spot.  He went to his fighting screen but there were currently no battles.  Marc was confused.  Where was Fred?  Where was the Pack?


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