Zombies in bellingham 2

I continued on.  The streets were going to be full of zombies after I shot my pistol.  Zombies up to a mile away could come my way after hearing my shot.  I walked up a hill and then down another block until I reached my house.  I am trying to gather all of the survivors at my house and make a zombie free base.  The only people besides me are my parents and the Robinson’s who lived close by.  The man was a retired firefighter, and owned a pistol and a semi auto rifle, And the women knew how to cook with the little fresh greens we had.  The guns were more important because we needed all the fire power we could get.  Now there are only a handful of humans.  When I first heard about the few zombie incidents, my dad and I went over to a gun store and bought pistols, rifles, and shotguns.  We also went to Costco and bought hundreds of cans of soup, and lots of gasoline.  Are house still has electricity in it because we have solar panels.  It’s not that sunny in Bellingham but enough of it gets through the cloud cover to run most of the house.  Tomorrow, we are going to try to make the house more “base like” by adding fences and blockades.  Currently we boarded up the windows and locked the doors.  Fortunately we now when zombies are coming because are two beagles can smell them and will howl if one is in the vicinity.  Tomorrow my dad and I are going to go down to the middle school and see if any survivors are hiding there.

I walk in the door and hear greetings from my family and the Robinsons.  The sun was starting to go down but we had enough time before the zombies start to prowl the streets.  The zombies always walk around at night, so we always have someone on the night watch.  We eat the usual dinner of tomato soup and I put in my hot sauce to add flavor.  After dinner I take up the first watch.  I grab my shotgun and my pistol and I stand by the door looking outside.  There are a few zombies but most of them are probably in Fairhaven were they are searching for the shooter.  After my shift I wake up my dad and I lay down on the couch and go to sleep.


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