I am cold.  It is freezing and I am very hungry.  All I had for dinner was ten taco shells, a couple of them had croutons in the middle.  Today I went zip lining which was pretty fun but you could only go on once.  We also walked around the woods and did boring games.  I went to a camp like this in sixth grade and I thought it was bad then but it was a lot better compared to camp Orkila.  There were four big housing units, two for the boys and two for the girls.  They both had a middle area for games and two bathrooms and some showers.  There were four rooms off of the first and they all had different names.  Each one held about fifteen people in it.  We went on nature hikes and the one of the older counselors told scary stories and stories of Vietnam because he was a veteran.  We had campfires and sung Bob Dylan songs.  The food was much better and they had bottles of hot sauce to keep me happy.

I am in my cabin and we are discussing very weird things about TJ. It was cool because Mr. Heaton was in the discussion.  TJ starts to do some awkward dance moves and Mr. Heaton says it is time to go to bed.  I think about staying up late but I end up falling asleep and drifting into dreamland.  I was having a good dream that I can’t remember but then I heard in the background telling us to wake up.  The next night I get my hand warmer and that made one of my hands very warm.  I had to switch off using it though because I only had one.  That night I fell asleep easier because I was somewhat warm but it was still not the usual night in my warm room with my warm sheets on my queen size bed.  When I think back at this the trip the first thing that comes to my mind is “Why did i go.”


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