The story of the Platypus

I want to to tell you another story about a mythical creature.  This is the story of how the platypus came to be.

Once there was a duck and a beaver who were best friends.  They decided they wanted to see the world and unique and interesting animals.  They went all around the world and finally decided that it was a four way tie.  The two of them were modest animals but they still thought they were unique so the said the duck and beaver were two of the best.  Then they agreed that snakes were cool because they had venom. The duck did not like the way the snakes slithered though.  They also elected lizards an awesome animal because they laid eggs even though they were not birds.  But beaver did not like those lizards were cold blooded. 

They asked there friend the shark, if he could make all there animals into an all mighty beast.  The shark agreed because he knew he was the best animal mixer in the world.  He got working and tried to make an animal with everything on the duck and beaver’s list.  He made the wide, flat tail of the beaver, the bill of a duck, venom of a snake, and a furry mammal that laid eggs.  The result was a platypus.

The shark asked the duck and beaver were this animal was going to live.  They said that the platypus would live in Australia.  They shipped some of the animals over and then went back home.  Later on the Platypus would become one of the most unique animals ever.  That was said by humans of coarsebecause they still have not proved the existence of the legendary Bearded Macfin!


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