We Should Attack

A press conference held by the president informing the American People about the spotted UFO.  The date is October 19 2012. The time is 4:28.

“Ladies and Gentlemen.  I am here to inform you about our aliens.  They have entered are solar system and with are space station telescopes, we can tell that their space craft is highly advanced.  The only way they could navigate great distances through space would be in the use of Worm holes.  Wormholes give the ability to travel so fast from point A to point B that the aliens could have only been traveling for a few days going across light years.  Since they are so advanced we are going to try to communicate in peace.  But if they attack us we will fight back!  We estimate their craft could take a maximum of 45 people but their could be more or there could be less.  A few hours ago we sent radio waves in many languages to talk in peace and we sent videos of us talking in a peaceful manor.  But because this talk could be unsuccessful we have the army on guard and you should be too.”

“We need to…”

“Mr. President Sir! They communicated back! The Aliens!”


“They sent a message. They are going to Land on Earth.”

“How did they communicate to us?”

“Through space stations radio waves.”

“Did they speak English?”

“Yes they said they were going to land in Central Amrerica.”

“Why There”

“They claim they have landed there before.”

We should attack.  Blow them out of the sky.  After all it’s are planet.  That is what some people wanted, to kill the aliens.  Declare a world war that would be most likely lost.  After the Presidents speech everyone went into a panic.  Would the aliens blow up the white house with an enormous concentrated laser?  Would they fight with us while they drained the oceans water because they lacked water on their planet?  Or would they be weak, and would we put them in slums and treat them badly? This is how movies portrayed it.  The best possible outcome is that they helped us and we helped them and we became allies.  But what could we help them with?  They are more advance then us.  They can navigate through space and talk in Perfect English.


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