The second 9/11

I am really afraid.  The lights have gone out and the building feels like its shacking.  I hear gunfire, see bodies and I feel like I am bleeding internally.  Part of the room is on fire.  I can see everyday items strewn around the room; paper, jugs of water and pieces of office cubicles are all burning.  I make my way down stairs and hear moaning and shouting.  I fall down and I can’t get up.  I feel like I am dying and I wonder were my family is.  Are they alright?  They need me, so I can’t die.  I try to get up and fall back down.  I decide to crawl.  I crawl under tables and over desks.  My throbbing head goes down a little bit and I don’t feel the warm blood going down the side of my head.  I hear the people yelling again and I can tell they are a few stories down.  My head clears now and I remember were I am.  I am on a 20 story building in Atlanta Georgia.   I remember when I first got knocked out of my seat and my coworkers started screaming.  There were explosions.  At first I thought it could be a plane flown by terrorists like 9/11 but this was just a simple work place. Why would they attack here? 

Later on I realized the big picture.  Over 10 cities had about a dozen terrorists each.  All of them were shooting up the streets and some strapped bombs to them selves and blew up buildings.  In my building their were explosives lay on the upper floors by terrorists disguised as janitors and after they blew up the bottom floors taken them out with it.  All most all of them blew themselves up or were shot by police but they still achieved their goal.  They made people panic even more then 9/11.  9/11 made people sad but they thought it would only happen once.  Now since the TSA made it difficult for terrorists to get on planes, they made the attacks by land. Georgia, Seattle and LA were just three of the cities that they attacked. Later on this event would be called the second 9/11 because it happened on the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11


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