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The second 9/11

I am really afraid.  The lights have gone out and the building feels like its shacking.  I hear gunfire, see bodies and I feel like I am bleeding internally.  Part of the room is on fire.  I can see everyday items strewn around the room; paper, jugs of water and pieces of office cubicles are all burning.  I make my way down stairs and hear moaning and shouting.  I fall down and I can’t get up.  I feel like I am dying and I wonder were my family is.  Are they alright?  They need me, so I can’t die.  I try to get up and fall back down.  I decide to crawl.  I crawl under tables and over desks.  My throbbing head goes down a little bit and I don’t feel the warm blood going down the side of my head.  I hear the people yelling again and I can tell they are a few stories down.  My head clears now and I remember were I am.  I am on a 20 story building in Atlanta Georgia.   I remember when I first got knocked out of my seat and my coworkers started screaming.  There were explosions.  At first I thought it could be a plane flown by terrorists like 9/11 but this was just a simple work place. Why would they attack here? 

Later on I realized the big picture.  Over 10 cities had about a dozen terrorists each.  All of them were shooting up the streets and some strapped bombs to them selves and blew up buildings.  In my building their were explosives lay on the upper floors by terrorists disguised as janitors and after they blew up the bottom floors taken them out with it.  All most all of them blew themselves up or were shot by police but they still achieved their goal.  They made people panic even more then 9/11.  9/11 made people sad but they thought it would only happen once.  Now since the TSA made it difficult for terrorists to get on planes, they made the attacks by land. Georgia, Seattle and LA were just three of the cities that they attacked. Later on this event would be called the second 9/11 because it happened on the thirteenth anniversary of 9/11


We Should Attack

A press conference held by the president informing the American People about the spotted UFO.  The date is October 19 2012. The time is 4:28.

“Ladies and Gentlemen.  I am here to inform you about our aliens.  They have entered are solar system and with are space station telescopes, we can tell that their space craft is highly advanced.  The only way they could navigate great distances through space would be in the use of Worm holes.  Wormholes give the ability to travel so fast from point A to point B that the aliens could have only been traveling for a few days going across light years.  Since they are so advanced we are going to try to communicate in peace.  But if they attack us we will fight back!  We estimate their craft could take a maximum of 45 people but their could be more or there could be less.  A few hours ago we sent radio waves in many languages to talk in peace and we sent videos of us talking in a peaceful manor.  But because this talk could be unsuccessful we have the army on guard and you should be too.”

“We need to…”

“Mr. President Sir! They communicated back! The Aliens!”


“They sent a message. They are going to Land on Earth.”

“How did they communicate to us?”

“Through space stations radio waves.”

“Did they speak English?”

“Yes they said they were going to land in Central Amrerica.”

“Why There”

“They claim they have landed there before.”

We should attack.  Blow them out of the sky.  After all it’s are planet.  That is what some people wanted, to kill the aliens.  Declare a world war that would be most likely lost.  After the Presidents speech everyone went into a panic.  Would the aliens blow up the white house with an enormous concentrated laser?  Would they fight with us while they drained the oceans water because they lacked water on their planet?  Or would they be weak, and would we put them in slums and treat them badly? This is how movies portrayed it.  The best possible outcome is that they helped us and we helped them and we became allies.  But what could we help them with?  They are more advance then us.  They can navigate through space and talk in Perfect English.

The story of the Platypus

I want to to tell you another story about a mythical creature.  This is the story of how the platypus came to be.

Once there was a duck and a beaver who were best friends.  They decided they wanted to see the world and unique and interesting animals.  They went all around the world and finally decided that it was a four way tie.  The two of them were modest animals but they still thought they were unique so the said the duck and beaver were two of the best.  Then they agreed that snakes were cool because they had venom. The duck did not like the way the snakes slithered though.  They also elected lizards an awesome animal because they laid eggs even though they were not birds.  But beaver did not like those lizards were cold blooded. 

They asked there friend the shark, if he could make all there animals into an all mighty beast.  The shark agreed because he knew he was the best animal mixer in the world.  He got working and tried to make an animal with everything on the duck and beaver’s list.  He made the wide, flat tail of the beaver, the bill of a duck, venom of a snake, and a furry mammal that laid eggs.  The result was a platypus.

The shark asked the duck and beaver were this animal was going to live.  They said that the platypus would live in Australia.  They shipped some of the animals over and then went back home.  Later on the Platypus would become one of the most unique animals ever.  That was said by humans of coarsebecause they still have not proved the existence of the legendary Bearded Macfin!


I am cold.  It is freezing and I am very hungry.  All I had for dinner was ten taco shells, a couple of them had croutons in the middle.  Today I went zip lining which was pretty fun but you could only go on once.  We also walked around the woods and did boring games.  I went to a camp like this in sixth grade and I thought it was bad then but it was a lot better compared to camp Orkila.  There were four big housing units, two for the boys and two for the girls.  They both had a middle area for games and two bathrooms and some showers.  There were four rooms off of the first and they all had different names.  Each one held about fifteen people in it.  We went on nature hikes and the one of the older counselors told scary stories and stories of Vietnam because he was a veteran.  We had campfires and sung Bob Dylan songs.  The food was much better and they had bottles of hot sauce to keep me happy.

I am in my cabin and we are discussing very weird things about TJ. It was cool because Mr. Heaton was in the discussion.  TJ starts to do some awkward dance moves and Mr. Heaton says it is time to go to bed.  I think about staying up late but I end up falling asleep and drifting into dreamland.  I was having a good dream that I can’t remember but then I heard in the background telling us to wake up.  The next night I get my hand warmer and that made one of my hands very warm.  I had to switch off using it though because I only had one.  That night I fell asleep easier because I was somewhat warm but it was still not the usual night in my warm room with my warm sheets on my queen size bed.  When I think back at this the trip the first thing that comes to my mind is “Why did i go.”

John Anderson

Jon Anderson was a normal man who owned a pizzeria in down town Detroit.  He had a loving wife and two beautiful children.  He had a few employees at his restaurant but he was the main cook and his wife was the head waitress.  Everything was perfect up until today.

Earlier that day, Jon was throwing dough for pizza crusts and adding the spices to the tomato sauce.  He kissed his wife goodbye before she left work to pick up the kids from school.  He went back inside the kitchen that smelled of home made parmesan and freshly crushed red peppers. 

“How was school kids?” 

“Good mom.” both of them replied.

I drove them to the house and thought I would help with homework and give them a snack.  I brought them inside and walked through down the hallway and stopped.  That was weird.  I remember closing the bedroom door, Whatever.  I opened it and let out a gasp.

Jon picked up the phone.  He listened for a few seconds and then dropped the phone.  The cops say they found his wife and children murdered.  He ran to his home and walked right into the crime scene.  There was blood everywhere.   In the bedroom lay his wife covered in blood that looked to be from a few knife wounds.  His daughter was right by the back door.  She looked like she tried to run but only made it a few yards when she was stuck down by a shotgun.  His son was shot and thrown on the kitchen counter.  It was brutal.  The picture was the worst you could imagine.  There was no happiness in that house just blood, lots of blood.

Jon talked to the local police for a while and they were amazed at how well he knew what had happened.  They at first suspected him but then realized there were two employees and dozens of costumers that could vouch for his innocence at the restaurant.  He also was ruled out because the cops came only a couple minutes after the murders and Jon was already a half an hour away in down town Detroit. 

He drove away from the scene knowing what he had to do.  Go to Washington D.C. and find his friends that worked at the FBI.  He was going to come out of retirement.

My own hunger games 7

My life has changed dramatically over the last few months.  First I get picked to go to the hunger games where I will most likely die.  Then I go to the training center in the capitol and learn that I am a good shot when it comes to shooting guns.  After that I survive the initial cornucopia battle and I escape with a valuable foliage suit.  And on top of all that I find a great camp that then practically gets infiltrated by the pack.   Yes my life has changed a lot lately with out me wanting it but now, I’m going to influence some of the changes so I can survive. 

In the morning I decide I am going to make a better observation post outside the cave so I can watch what the pack does.  When they leave for there mid day hunting I start.  I add more foliage at the edge of the rocks but still behind the tree so nobody can sneak up on me.  I move some of the big rocks over so I can peer between two of them with out being noticed.  After I am satisfied with my hiding spot I put my leafy suit back on and decide I will never take it off.  I don’t want to risk getting seen by the pack.  If they just see a flash of movement and some plants they might not care.  But if they see movement and a body then I will be riddled with bullet wholes very quickly.

When Marc woke up he quickly looked turned on the Projectron.   He watched as the pack headed away from the pond they were at last night.  But he could tell they would be back because they left a guard to protect the weapons and the food.  Now the camera panned over to the waterfall and then zoomed into the water.  Then the angle switched again and showed a cave.  In that cave held the sleeping body of Fred Flynn.   Marc watched the screen while he ate breakfast and he watched Fred wake up and start making a concealed observation spot.  “The kid is smart”. He thought to himself

A Confusing Day

You walk through the scorching hot desert, your skin is burnt and your tongue is really dry.  You see a palm tree up a head and you fall down and then crawl towards it withall your strength.  You’re so thirsty but you manage to make it without dying.  You remember stories of water in vines hanging from trees so you tear of the only vine on the tree and bite down on it.  You hear a loud hiss and then everything goes black. 

You wake up not knowing were you are, but you don’t car because you are submerged in shade and your mouth feels moist from cold water.   You look up and see a man and you ask him what happened.  He says that you bit on a snake and it bit you and you went unconscious.   You thank the man for saving your life and you give him a few gold coins and he accepts them and then you move on.

After ten days you are finally out of the desert, and into a lush jungle.  You see amazing animals and they see you.  You see a monkey and you want to be like the monkey so you climb.  You climb up hundreds of feet, slide down the trunk climb it again and then swing to another tree.  You swing for hours but then you are tired and you go to sleep.  You wake up to find an armadillo next to you and it rolls into a ball and you want to be like it so you roll.  You do somersault after somersault rolling around the mossy floor.  You get dizzy after a while and you stop, but you are not tired so you walk on. 

 You see a colorful bird flying around so you want to fly.  You climb a tree and jump.  The wind rushes upward passing you and then it stops when you hit the ground with a smash.  You can not fly.  You fell sad.  You wanted to do every thing.  You get over it and then feeling selfish, you are in the mood to help someone. You walk along the forest ground until you reach a river to fast and deep to swim across.  Across the river is a desert that looks very similar to the one you were in.  You are about to find somewhere else to go when you see a man getting pulled by the current and drowning.  You pull him out of the river and he thanks you, pays you a few gold pieces and moves the direction you came from and soon disappears into the trees. 

 You find a spot to get past the river and you cross it.  The dessert is very baron except for one palm tree with a figure crawling towards it.  You go over to the tree and you see the figure get bitten.  At first you think it is somehow you but then you see this man is much taller and has darker hair.  You get the snake off of him and tend to his wounds.  You wake up tell him what happened he hands over some coins and you accept them.  He walks away and you feel tired from a busy day so you fall asleep.

Dear action movies

 Dear Action Movies,

                  I love you and I think you’re the best genre ever.  Your movies are fun because they can get your adrenaline pumping and your heart beating fast.  Write now I am working on an action story based on the Hunger Games.  Next year the Hunger Games is going to turn into you.  My story is about the second hunger games and it is going to have guns instead of swords and bows.  Do you think that is a good idea Action Movies?  Action movies can be violent but that’s how I like them.  The best action movies hare loaded with action but also have a good storyline.  Here is part of one that I just made up.

It is five o’clock but the sun is still lightly shining onto the house.  The S.W.A.T. team has the front of the house surrounded and is working on the back.  They are looking for a convicted murderer.  That is said to be armed and dangerous.  The man peers outside of the window and can see what they are doing.  He quickly puts on his gas mask while two of the S.W.A.T. team members fire gas grenades through the windows.  He runs to get his weapons before S.W.A.T. breaks down the door.  He grabs is assault riffle, his pistol and one grenade and turns over the dining room table for cover right when the S.W.A.T. is at his door.  They kick open the door and storm in wearing there own gas masks.  The man quickly lets of a few bursts of fire from his rifles and successfully drops half of the S.W.A.T.  Then he sinks beneath his cover and throws his grenade at the direction of the S.W.A.T.  He hears the explosion and wonders if there are any survivors.  He peers around the corner of the table with his pistol and sees more police coming in. The man grabs his pistol and fires while running towards the stairs.  He runs up the two flights with the police hot on his tail. He runs to jump through the window but gets hit with oncoming fire.  He breaks through the window and falls fifteen feet below.  When the police make it to the window they see three officers dead but no suspect.

Thank you for reading my story action movies, I really appreciate it. I hope you have hundreds of more ideas to make dozens more amazing action movies. 



My own hunger games part 6

Go away.  That’s what I was thinking to my self.  I did not want the tribute pack to stay.  My base camp was less then one hundred yards away.  But then I realized I could keep an eye on them and I could even attack if I had to.  It was getting dark so I crawled outside to observe the pack.  I noticed that they left one person to stay awake while the rest slept.  I waited outside for another twenty minutes before it was about time to project any dead tributes into the sky.  There were none.  That was not surprising because there would be cannon blasts notifying each death but I thought I might have missed it somehow.  I thought about the thousands of people watching.  After no action, the game makers usually find away to spice up the games but I think the capitol will be on the edge of there seats knowing that I am so close to the tribute pack.

Today Marc watched the Hunger Games segment on the arena.  It showed maps of the arenas were people were just like everyday but it also showed some of the animals and other features of the Hunger Games.   Marc picked Fred to locate and it showed him the map.  The arena was in the shape of a large oval.  In the middle was the cornucopia sitting in a clearing and bordered by many tropical trees.  On the left or west side was a large hill and on the North West side is a large lake.  On the screen it showed a picture of a piranha over the lake.  There was a large river coming from the south east going by the right side of the cornucopia and breaking off into three parts.  One stayed south of the Cornucopia and led t a pool and had the face of Fred on it showing Marc that Fred was there.  The second part leads up north and then west of the cornucopia and then went into the lake.  The last one went north and flowed into a small lake a little bigger then the pool wear Fred was.  By the hill was a small lake wear the runoff collects when it goes down the hill.  Marc then clicked a button to show where the pack was.  Marc knew that they were very dangerous so he added them on the map so he knew where they were.  He then gasped as it showed them almost on the same spot.  He went to his fighting screen but there were currently no battles.  Marc was confused.  Where was Fred?  Where was the Pack?

Zombies in bellingham 2

I continued on.  The streets were going to be full of zombies after I shot my pistol.  Zombies up to a mile away could come my way after hearing my shot.  I walked up a hill and then down another block until I reached my house.  I am trying to gather all of the survivors at my house and make a zombie free base.  The only people besides me are my parents and the Robinson’s who lived close by.  The man was a retired firefighter, and owned a pistol and a semi auto rifle, And the women knew how to cook with the little fresh greens we had.  The guns were more important because we needed all the fire power we could get.  Now there are only a handful of humans.  When I first heard about the few zombie incidents, my dad and I went over to a gun store and bought pistols, rifles, and shotguns.  We also went to Costco and bought hundreds of cans of soup, and lots of gasoline.  Are house still has electricity in it because we have solar panels.  It’s not that sunny in Bellingham but enough of it gets through the cloud cover to run most of the house.  Tomorrow, we are going to try to make the house more “base like” by adding fences and blockades.  Currently we boarded up the windows and locked the doors.  Fortunately we now when zombies are coming because are two beagles can smell them and will howl if one is in the vicinity.  Tomorrow my dad and I are going to go down to the middle school and see if any survivors are hiding there.

I walk in the door and hear greetings from my family and the Robinsons.  The sun was starting to go down but we had enough time before the zombies start to prowl the streets.  The zombies always walk around at night, so we always have someone on the night watch.  We eat the usual dinner of tomato soup and I put in my hot sauce to add flavor.  After dinner I take up the first watch.  I grab my shotgun and my pistol and I stand by the door looking outside.  There are a few zombies but most of them are probably in Fairhaven were they are searching for the shooter.  After my shift I wake up my dad and I lay down on the couch and go to sleep.