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I am cold.  It is freezing and I am very hungry.  All I had for dinner was ten taco shells, a couple of them had croutons in the middle.  Today I went zip lining which was pretty fun but you could only go on once.  We also walked around the woods and did boring games.  I went to a camp like this in sixth grade and I thought it was bad then but it was a lot better compared to camp Orkila.  There were four big housing units, two for the boys and two for the girls.  They both had a middle area for games and two bathrooms and some showers.  There were four rooms off of the first and they all had different names.  Each one held about fifteen people in it.  We went on nature hikes and the one of the older counselors told scary stories and stories of Vietnam because he was a veteran.  We had campfires and sung Bob Dylan songs.  The food was much better and they had bottles of hot sauce to keep me happy.

I am in my cabin and we are discussing very weird things about TJ. It was cool because Mr. Heaton was in the discussion.  TJ starts to do some awkward dance moves and Mr. Heaton says it is time to go to bed.  I think about staying up late but I end up falling asleep and drifting into dreamland.  I was having a good dream that I can’t remember but then I heard in the background telling us to wake up.  The next night I get my hand warmer and that made one of my hands very warm.  I had to switch off using it though because I only had one.  That night I fell asleep easier because I was somewhat warm but it was still not the usual night in my warm room with my warm sheets on my queen size bed.  When I think back at this the trip the first thing that comes to my mind is “Why did i go.”


Not To Brag

I can serve the ball by you and I can smash the ball at you and I always win.  I can hit the yellow ball for hours without missing because of how often I practice and how I stay in shape.  I also stay in shape when i am hiking and climbing.  I can hike through the woods and climb up rocks like a monkey climbs a tree.  And by the way, I can also climb trees.  That’s not all I do outdoors, I am also amazing at kayaking. I have paddled 0through the oceans of southern California, the rivers of Hawaii, and the lakes in Washington. I can paddle supper fast or I can slow down and look at the scenery.

  I am also good at reading.  When I like the book I am reading I read fast.  I will almost always enjoy a book with action and adventure.  When I read I feel like the characters in the book. I feel like Frodo Baggins running through Middle Earth to destroy the evil ring.  I feel like Will shooting arrows into a pack of Wargels.

have been to 15 states. I have been to Disneyland 5 times, SeaWorld 15 times and flown on a plane over 50 times.  I have swum in oceans, lakes, rivers and pools.  I have swam on the sandy beaches of San Diego during a red flag.  The lifeguard said no swimming aloud but I survived the huge waves slamming me backwards and then hitting me to the ocean floor.

  I have amazingly awesome pets, two beagles and a lizard.  My lizard is a bearded dragon. His kind can be two feet long and inhabit the scorching deserts of Australia.  I have a big room.  I have a queen sized bed, a huge book shelf a wall of closets and a huge stand with my lizard’s terrarium on top. 

 My full name is Brady Flynn Anderson which means I have a large chest and I am manly and I also am a son of a red haired man.

Things I like To Do

I love sports because they are fun and they are a great way to stay in shape.  I used to play soccer and baseball for seven years and that’s how I met all of my friends. Me and my dad have been playing ping-pong in are garage together for eight years.   W now have a new table and play in are rec room instead of are garage. I have been playing tennis competitively for four years and I play with my dad every day.  We are members of the Bellingham tennis club and we play a lot of tournaments there.  Tennis is my favorite sport because it is active and I’m good at it.  I also like to watch sports.  I enjoy watching baseball, football and tennis.  I grew up to baseball because my mom worked for the San Diego Padres so we had season tickets.  I have been to over hundred baseball games and I even went to a World Series win I was one years old.  Tennis I s my favorite hobby but I enjoy other things.

  I really love the outdoors.   Something I love to do outdoors is kayaking.  I have kayaked in three different states.  I kayaked on a winding river in Hawaii, in the oceans of Southern California, and in lakes and the sound in Washington.  The last time I kayaked it was a sunny day in the San Juan Islands.  It was on a lake surrounded by trees and many water plants like lily pads and water reeds.  We were staying at a family friend’s house and they had a nice sock to launch kayaks from.  The water was heated by the sun so the first foot of water was very warm and then it got colder and colder.  I kayaked around the lake and explored the reeds.  After I sat on the dock to get some sun and have a snack. That was a very great day and thinking about makes me want to kayak.  Another outdoors hobby is hiking.  I love to hike and climb up things.  Over the summer we went to Clayton beach and I started exploring.  I found a good place to rock climb and I climbed it really fast.  It is very fun to climb and hike because it burns calories and makes you try new things.

  When I’m not outside I like to play with electronics.  I like to watch TV, watch videos or look up random things on the computer or play on my phone or tablet.  I recently got the new Samsung galaxy tab.  It has a really nice screen to play games and watch shows on.  I also like to read if the book has enough action and an interesting story.  I really like to read books that are in a series. Like the hunger games, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Rangers Apprentice series.   I also like to travel.  My favorite place to travel is San Diego.  I like to travel there because I was born there and lived there for twelve and a half years.  That’s also were all of my good friends live.  I went to San Diego three times last summer to see friends and to get some sun and warm weather.  If only I had more free time so I could experience these hobbies more.