My own hunger games part 5

   As he walked on he saw flowers the size of the cornucopia and monkeys that could fit inside your palm. The colors of the Jungle were so bright and vivid they made your eyes tired by looking at them. Beneath a large tree with violet flowers was a large flat rock that was the color of midnight.  On that dark rock was an amazingly colored lizard that scales shimmered in the sun.  It looked at him and then dived into a bush, not wiling to come out.  There were also lizards in the trees that changed colors and had eyes that looked different directions.  He approached the lizard when a fly passed by and got snatched by a pink string. He quickly looked over at the lizard and saw him eating the fly it had just caught with his long sticky tongue. As Marc left the room to go to Steve’s house, he thought about the amazing animals he had watched on the screens and decided that he was going to go to the zoo and look at the thousands of animals they have on display. 

You see a great place to hide and make your base camp.  The location is amazing.  In this part of the Forest, the trees are less dense but have many species of plants and animals dwelling in them.  The river that runs by the cornucopia goes down a waterfall and lands in a deep pool that has rocks that border the Blue water.  Behind the water fall is a cave that is large enough to hold a few people but is small enough to keep you warm on the nights that are cool and brisk.  From the outside you would not know there was a cave there.  From the inside it looks like there was a blue veil covering the mouth of the cave.  The spot was so perfect because it had one entrance but to exits. You had to climb the over some rocks, through some taller grass, and then there was a big tree growing between the boulders.  You had to go under the tree through a gap in the semi-exposed roots to get into the cave. To leave you could go back through the small opening and under and past the obstacles, or you could jump through the blue veil into the deep water below.  You would survive if you jumped far enough.  There were only rocks surrounding the water but in the middle it was 20 foot deep fresh water.

I decide that this is the best spot to be so I make camp here.  There are holes in the rock walls and I hide my positions there including the one position i started the games with, the ring that has an emblem of a sword that is made of Topaz. It belonged to my grandpa and I thought that it was something I wanted to have when I died, or to have on when I m getting my picture taken and traveling to the capitol.  Earlier that day I started to walk a different direction so know I was closer to the cornucopia but I was well hidden.

I put on my leafy suit on and I walked outside going to explore my new home. Right when I walked out I saw five people all aged between fifteen and sixteen.  I stopped immediately.  I knew that in my camouflage suit if I was by a tree I would blend right in.  I stayed frozen until I knew all of them had there faces turned and I slowly sank down.  I peered out from under the bush and saw my action went unnoticed. I looked at them and I realized this was the allied team from district one, two, and four.  They allied at the first hunger games last year and they continued this year knowing they would get far and then they would turn on each other like a vicious pack of wolves.  I could hear them talking loudly.  That is probably because they are loaded with assault rifle and one of the boys was still carrying the machine gun from the blood bath at the cornucopia.  They talked about the small lake on the other side of the arena and now I am happy that I did not go over there.  The lake was infested with freshwater piranhas that were obliviously mutts.  They were each a foot long and had inch long razor sharp teeth but that was not the scary part.  They traveled in pacts of about one hundred and could tear a human apart in five seconds.  Then I noticed that some of them had wounds and realized that there were six of them to begin with.  They checked the pool for any man eating fish but they found none.  They cleaned there wounds in the water before deciding that this was there knew base camp.


My own hunger games part 4

The friends watched as the pack of allies got a large light machine gun and a crate of ammo and were talking out many of the tributes. More would have died if it wasn’t for the Kevlar bullet proof suit.  They watched as a huge boy from district ten that was almost seven feet tall picked up a smaller boy and through him into the cornucopia. Then picked up a large knife and stabbed him and ran towards the lake.  The group of guy s was cheering because this was an action packed hunger games.  The capitol liked the violent sport because they considered the tributes animals, things below the rich capitol’s residents.  Of course, Marc was different.  He loved action movies and adventure games on his three dimensional Projectron (a fairly modern entertainment and gaming device) but the thought of real people dying made him feel sick.  Mark jumped from his seat in surprise as Fred put a bullet in a girl’s head and ran into the forest.  He saw that the boy had a gun and a camouflage backpack that could have something important inside. 

They watched until the day drew to a close.  During the night there is usually barley any action but if there is then they will show it in the morning recap.  Right now Marc saw that the commentator for the nightly recap was showing Fred Flynn alive and hidden in a leafy suit.  “So that’s what was in the back pack.” Marc thought to himself.

The night air was a perfect temperature, not being to hot or to cold.  There was a light mist that made the large green leaves collect droplets that slowly dripped of the corners. At midnight the mist turned into a drizzle that lasted for a few minutes before stopping completely, which made the colorful jungles silent once again.  Several hours later the sun had risen, waking me up.  Despite being in a large arena with 13 other tributes trying to kill me in order to survive, I had a good sleep.  With my foliage look a like suit on, I felt very safe that now one would harm me in the night.

When I got up I had a goal in mind.  To find a permanent campsite so I could take the offense.  I do not want to hide for the whole games; I want to establish a base and fight.  I do not now were I could go to find a good campsite but I new that it would have to be hidden, but not so secluded that it did not have any contact with enemies. If only Fred saw what was marc was seeing, A full map of the arena with the geographical features and major things that happened in areas.  The map also showed wear all of the tributes were. Marc was watching this in his entertainment room were his Projectron was located.  The Projectron projected multiple screens in the air that were 3d and in high definition quality.  If any tributes got close to each other there would be one screen on each of the tributes.  There was also always one screen with a commentator and one with an interactive screen so you could place bets.  The user could pick witch one would have sound by voice control and could change it any time he chose.  Marc always had one screen on Fred to see how he was doing.  Right now the boy was walking through the magnificent jungle looking at the amazing creatures that lived in it. 

He had long orange hair all over, except for his hands, feet and face.  On his head was a brown spot that must have been a birth mark   .He had thumbs like humans but his face was more round and he did not walk fully upright.  He was like a monkey but he had no tail and he was much bigger. He was swinging from tree to tree wit his long arms.  He landed on the ground by Fred and they sized each other up. Now that he was close, Fred recognized this animal from a book he read.  It was an orangutan, an ape that used to live on islands called Indonesia.  Fred had obviously not been there because it probably still had too much radiation, but the animals that lived there were said to be amazing.  Large cats that were orange and had black stripes, small colorful birds that made funny noises, and fish that lived on the coast that swam through cities made of coral that rivaled the looks of the capitol.  He also realized this was not a capitol made mutt, but a real animal that was not enhanced in any way.  Fred had read that these creatures are very smart and He wondered if the animal could understand that he was not in a real jungle but an arena made for death.

My own hunger games part 3

Gonnngggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   The sound was as clear as real life, even though it was coming out of a TV.  It was a big TV though.  Every person in the capitol had nice things like TV’s; surround sound speakers, cars, and any meal you want you can get in less then a minute. 

“Come on guys! The hunger games have started!!!”  Mike yelled at his friends.

“Anthony! Bring the popcorn! And don’t forget the pistachios!” Steve bellowed.

They were all ready to watch.  Everybody in the capitol watched and sometimes bet on the contestants and it was the biggest sport there was for them.  Mike, Steve and Anthony all bet on big strong people, they would not bet on smaller people even if they got a better training score.  But Marc was different.   He bet on people who he thought were scrappy and clever.  He bet on Fred Flynn this time because he was said to be fast but also smart.  All marc’s friend though he was insane to pick someone that was not even six feet tall.  He didn’t listen to them; it would all show later on.

  I was a couple hundred yards away from the blood bath when he looked around.  There were huge trees everywhere, with big leaves and vines that wrapped around them like a thin green snake.  There were pink and blue flowers on the ground and butterflies were gently flying around and landing on them.  I also saw a small area of bushes that were partially broken.  It looked like something went through them.  When I bent down and looked, he said the feet were some type of mammal but the tracks were not human.  I went further and realized it was going down hill. Then I noticed some water slowly trickling down a large tree and going down the hill.  It must lead to a river. I followed it down a couple miles but I knew he could not go further tonight.

I found a tree to climb and sleep in but then remembered the backpack I took at the cornucopia.  I took the straps off my shoulder and unzipped the bags metal zipper.  Inside was an empty water bottle that I immediately filled from the tiny stream. The stream was growing larger and running faster as it went down the hill.  I also found a small saw that was not really a weapon but it could cut small branches of trees.  What I found last was most surprising.

When I pulled the last thing out of my bag I thought it was full of leaves, flowers and grass.  But the then when I pulled it fully out I saw it was a suit with realistic looking foliage on it to blend in with the jungle.  This would probably be a key for my survival because I could hide anywhere in the great expanse of jungle.  Now equipped with this new leafy suit, I was willing to find a concealed place on the ground instead of in the trees because I would be invisible unless someone actually stepped on me which would be unlikely.  I still did not want to risk it so I walked over to an area overgrown with bushes and tall grass surrounded by a few large vine covered trees.  I laid down his bag and used it as a pillow because it was fairly soft.  I put the leafy suit over his body and noticed that it also came with a thin leafy face mask to cover my face but leaving wholes to see through and to breathe threw.  I was about to go to sleep when I realized they would project the images of the tributes who died today up in the sky after hearing the Panem anthem.  In a couple minutes the music started and when it was ended it was silent for a second but soon after 10 pictures of tributes popped up.  None were that unexpected; the big muscular ones from 1, 2 and 4 are working together in a pack so they are hard to kill.  No, all of the deaths were the weaklings and the physically unfit.  One of the pictures up there was the chubby girl from district five that I killed with one shot. The pictures disappeared with one last bit of music and then the night turned back to black, Black as the Capitol’s soul.

My own hunger games part 2

Gonnngggggggggggggggggggggggggggggg!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  I had many choices.  I could run to my left which would take me to the lake.  There is a good chance the lake would attract many other tributes so it would not be wise to choose that direction.  The hill is behind me but that is probably just as popular as the lake because of the great vantage point.  I could go straight, but that would mean going around the cornucopia.   Going left and to my back both had more trees so I could not see that far but I’m guessing there were a few lakes as a second water source.  I thought about what would happen if I went to the blood bath at the cornucopia.

I’m fifteen years old and my name is Fred Flynn.  I’m really fast and I have some muscle but I’m not big like some of the other contestants.  I only weigh 160 pounds and I’m five feet ten inches.  There are some giant contestants especially one who is six feet eleven inches and weighs 350 pounds.  The industry in district six is transportation and we make cars for the capitol and keep up the train that goes around the nation.  Kids start helping at age 12.  Luckily my dad was a worker who fixed the railroads so I got to see the different areas of the nation when most people don’t now what the other districts look like.  From fixing the railroads I have developed muscles in my arms from hammering and lots of leg and core strength from carrying heavy metal objects that shape the rail road.  The people in my district usually have lighter brown or blonde hair but it is almost always straight and so do I.  My mom does not work transportation; instead she works at a clothing store with my grandma made for the richer people in the town.  I have no siblings and I am glad because they would have to watch me fight and probably die on TV.  The hunger games are mandatory for everyone in Panem to watch and all events including school stop when it is time for the games.  Even the parents of the tributes have to watch as their child gets their life take away for the capitol’s enjoyment.

I run toward the cornucopia as fast as my adrenaline pumped body can go and on my side of the cornucopia I am first.  All I need is to grab a gun and get out.  Before the game s you can train at the training facility and I got very skilled with shooting guns.  I grabbed a pistol because I did not want anyone to fight me for a fancy gun.  I started to run left when a chubby girl coming from the other side pulled out an Uzi and was about to shoot when my instincts pulled up my pistol and fired one clean shot hitting her dead between the eyes.  I grabbed the camouflage backpack she had and ran towards to the right, the unknown jungle.  I could here heavy automatic gunfire on the other side of the cornucopia and I knew there would be lots of death today.

Zombies in bellingham 1

Maybe there are no other survivors.  The whole world has been plagued with a new virus called Zombietitis. Zombietitis or virus z for short kills people in a matter of minutes.  Then after a couple of hours, the body comes back to life but the whole brain is dead except for the base.  The base of the brain controls basic functions but all of the memories and wisdom is gone.  All that is left is a body that wants to eat humans and most of all, wants to spread the disease.

I was walking around what was left of Fairhaven, a nice area in Bellingham Washington that is full of brick buildings, but also full of zombies.  I walk down the street with my shotgun in hand, revolver by my side, and a backpack full of beef jerky.  All of it scavenged from people’s homes.  Some of them still had their occupants inside, but there they were drastically different.  By sight, they were bloody, dirty humans with torn off body parts and bite marks from others with the disease. By Sound, they breathed heavy and moved loudly not caring about stealth.  By smell, they smelt like death, decomposing and blood. By Feel and taste, I do not know.  If they get that close then the chances are you won’t remember.  If you get that close, you will turn into one of them, Into a Zombie.

Today was cloudy, the average day in Bellingham.  The world changed so much but the weather took no notice.  I looked into the window of the store near me.  I immediately recognized it as the gelato store that I visited so frequently before the virus hit.  I looked at the faded mermaid on the door covered in a splatter of blood.  I went inside knowing the Gelato would be bad.  After all it’s been over four weeks since virus z came to Bellingham’s doorstep.  I put my shot gun on the counter and I looked at the flavor titles and remembered the rich taste of chocolate and the mouth watering taste of the fruity forest berry.  I went into the back room and I quickly ran after I saw a lady covered in blood standing upright.  She heard me and she chased after me doing the variation of the noise that all zombies make.  It is a mix between heavy breathing and the satisfactory noise when you see good food.  And for her I was good food.

I grabbed my revolver and shot three shots.  Two of them hit their targets and the Zombie went down.  I stood over the dying zombie and it looked up at me, mouth open and still making sounds.  Zombies never give up a meal unless they die.  I held my gun downwards between the eyes of the hideous creature.  I took the shot and then it was quiet.

My own hunger games part 1

 I was in a jungle, more like a rainforest with every color imaginable from vivid greens, popping yellows and bursting reds that reminded me of the color of blood.  Then I laid my eyes on the golden cornucopia.  The sun was reflecting off of it but you could still see what it held around and inside it.  I now realized we were in a circle opening but there were tress surrounding us.  The trees and very large leaves and had many bright colored flowers.  The sky was very blue and the suns rays had no clouds to go through.  I prepared myself because the sixty seconds was drawing to a close.  I hear the gong and I run knowing what would happen if I wasn’t fast enough.

When the rebel forces tried to over throw the capitol the world changed dramatically.  District 13 got absolutely obliterated.  News casts from the capitol show reporters in radiation suits telling the tale of no survivors.  The other districts had to surrender and to prevent more uprisings and to gain more control, the capitol made a policy.  The policy would claim hundreds of kid’s lives all over Panem.  The policy was going to make one boy and one girl from every district go to the hunger games.  The hunger games are a fight to the death in a huge arena that can be miles and miles long.  One of the twenty-four will live and live a life of luxury at that.  Last year was the first annual hunger games.

The first hunger games Took place in a dense woodland with lots of firewood and food if you new were to find it.  It had a fairly large river running through it with some rapids and some small pools.  There were the normal animals like rabbits, squirrels, and small ground birds like quail, but there were also some animals that were obviously not entirely natural.  These animals are mutts.  Genetic mutations made in labs in the capitol.  A good example of this was the bears that would attack if you were by there part of the river, or the eagles that dropped rocks on your head.  The weapons were swords, maces, clubs and some bow and arrows.  That hunger games was said to be “exiting” from the capitol but they also said that next year they were going to try something new. 

It is now the second year of the games and that “something new” is very interesting.  Instead of using Iron Age weapons they are using guns.  It has not even been two years after the rebellion and Panem has only existed For twenty two years.  Before Panem, the whole word had people living on it.  But then the past livers of North America engaged in a brutal World war successfully killing the world by using bombs that contained toxic radiation.  During the final world war, the armies used automatic rifles and scoped rifles that could hit targets from a mile away.  It was very sad because they were working on many new technologies that would be very useful like curing diseases and developing rockets that could go to mars holding twenty people.  This year’s change in the games is supposed to be a big hit but they have not officially decided whether or not they will continue this in future games. 

The arena is a vast expanse of rainforest that has a small lake and a few meandering rivers.  There is also a large hill which is more of a small mountain.  The tropical plants come with animals that look like they are from different worlds including huge twenty foot crocodiles, with dozens of razor sharp teeth and scaly armor.  There are also monkeys and apes that swing from the trees with grace and ease.  The most out of the world creature is the massive elephant weighing thousands of pounds providing enough meat for weeks as long as you get past its 5  foot long curled tusks.  There are also lots of traps that the game makers control, such as the pits of quicksand that will bring any unwary tribute to a slow death.  There are also rainstorms that make the earth loose so mudslides take the tributes down to the river were then many drowned.  The game makers made such a large jungle because some of the rifles can shoot people from great distances and some of the grenades can blow up anybody in the in the immediate vicinity.   Of course, the game makers did not want the games to end quickly, so they equipped each tribute with a high tech Kevlar suit that can block most bullets.  The Suit blocked the arms leg and lower stomach but left the head, neck and upper chest exposed.  You need to score a good shot to earn a kill.

In the middle of the arena is the cornucopia, home to weapons and supplies.  Around the cornucopia are twenty-four circular platforms.  One tribute starts off on a platform and they have to stay on it for sixty seconds before they can go into the fight or run away into the dense forest.  If you leave the platform early then you will trigger sensitive mines that will blow you into the sky.  After the sixty seconds are up there will be a gong which notifies the start of the hunger games.

The Unknown People

This time he forced the shield over two his right to block the sword.  He was just in time in blocking it.  After defeating his opponent, the other soldiers blew their horn four times and ran away.  He then walked across the road and disappeared into the trees.

So far he allowed a towering tree to act as cover from unwanted eyes and started to fall asleep.  He woke up to a howl hooting in the middle of the night.  In the morning he found a log cabin when he was exploring the woods.  He was probably going to stay in the woods for a couple of weeks so he might as well explore his new home.  The log cabin was covered in snow just like most of the mountainous area.  He saw the cabin had four windows that were open on each side and a door on one of them.  He opened the door slightly and went in.  After a few steps he turned around and saw a soldier behind the door holding a crossbow.  Then he turned back around and saw all four windows had a few crossbowmen leaning in ready to shoot.   He realized he walked into a trap.

Hopping from one foot to another the tribesmen soldiers danced around him which they always did before a kill.  Then before they shot him with there crossbows, they went down hit by something very loud.  When they fell,  he saw a group of people that looked like humans but had heads that elongated behind more, and they were carrying what looked to be metal oddly formed into a weapon that must be powerful.  They were wearing lots of clothing with lots of small pouches on them. They beckoned him forward and he obeyed.  He had no other option since they had powerful weapons.

He followed them outside the cabin and he saw the whole tribesmen army gathered around them.  There were hundreds of them and they drew their weapons and slowly moved closer.  The unknown people that saved him pulled out their weapons and moved all away around the cabin shooting their loud weapons like shooting hundreds of arrows from a bow.  All of the army was dead because of the unknown people’s godly weapons.  They must be gods or not of this earth because they started talking to him in his head.  They were telling him that they were going to take him far away and after they said that something went into his arm that felt like a small knife and then everything went black.  His last thought in his head was that his life was going to change because of these unknown people.

Not To Brag

I can serve the ball by you and I can smash the ball at you and I always win.  I can hit the yellow ball for hours without missing because of how often I practice and how I stay in shape.  I also stay in shape when i am hiking and climbing.  I can hike through the woods and climb up rocks like a monkey climbs a tree.  And by the way, I can also climb trees.  That’s not all I do outdoors, I am also amazing at kayaking. I have paddled 0through the oceans of southern California, the rivers of Hawaii, and the lakes in Washington. I can paddle supper fast or I can slow down and look at the scenery.

  I am also good at reading.  When I like the book I am reading I read fast.  I will almost always enjoy a book with action and adventure.  When I read I feel like the characters in the book. I feel like Frodo Baggins running through Middle Earth to destroy the evil ring.  I feel like Will shooting arrows into a pack of Wargels.

have been to 15 states. I have been to Disneyland 5 times, SeaWorld 15 times and flown on a plane over 50 times.  I have swum in oceans, lakes, rivers and pools.  I have swam on the sandy beaches of San Diego during a red flag.  The lifeguard said no swimming aloud but I survived the huge waves slamming me backwards and then hitting me to the ocean floor.

  I have amazingly awesome pets, two beagles and a lizard.  My lizard is a bearded dragon. His kind can be two feet long and inhabit the scorching deserts of Australia.  I have a big room.  I have a queen sized bed, a huge book shelf a wall of closets and a huge stand with my lizard’s terrarium on top. 

 My full name is Brady Flynn Anderson which means I have a large chest and I am manly and I also am a son of a red haired man.

Things I like To Do

I love sports because they are fun and they are a great way to stay in shape.  I used to play soccer and baseball for seven years and that’s how I met all of my friends. Me and my dad have been playing ping-pong in are garage together for eight years.   W now have a new table and play in are rec room instead of are garage. I have been playing tennis competitively for four years and I play with my dad every day.  We are members of the Bellingham tennis club and we play a lot of tournaments there.  Tennis is my favorite sport because it is active and I’m good at it.  I also like to watch sports.  I enjoy watching baseball, football and tennis.  I grew up to baseball because my mom worked for the San Diego Padres so we had season tickets.  I have been to over hundred baseball games and I even went to a World Series win I was one years old.  Tennis I s my favorite hobby but I enjoy other things.

  I really love the outdoors.   Something I love to do outdoors is kayaking.  I have kayaked in three different states.  I kayaked on a winding river in Hawaii, in the oceans of Southern California, and in lakes and the sound in Washington.  The last time I kayaked it was a sunny day in the San Juan Islands.  It was on a lake surrounded by trees and many water plants like lily pads and water reeds.  We were staying at a family friend’s house and they had a nice sock to launch kayaks from.  The water was heated by the sun so the first foot of water was very warm and then it got colder and colder.  I kayaked around the lake and explored the reeds.  After I sat on the dock to get some sun and have a snack. That was a very great day and thinking about makes me want to kayak.  Another outdoors hobby is hiking.  I love to hike and climb up things.  Over the summer we went to Clayton beach and I started exploring.  I found a good place to rock climb and I climbed it really fast.  It is very fun to climb and hike because it burns calories and makes you try new things.

  When I’m not outside I like to play with electronics.  I like to watch TV, watch videos or look up random things on the computer or play on my phone or tablet.  I recently got the new Samsung galaxy tab.  It has a really nice screen to play games and watch shows on.  I also like to read if the book has enough action and an interesting story.  I really like to read books that are in a series. Like the hunger games, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings and Rangers Apprentice series.   I also like to travel.  My favorite place to travel is San Diego.  I like to travel there because I was born there and lived there for twelve and a half years.  That’s also were all of my good friends live.  I went to San Diego three times last summer to see friends and to get some sun and warm weather.  If only I had more free time so I could experience these hobbies more.

The Bearded Macfin

I want to tell you a story about a mythical animal called the Bearded Macfin.  The Bearded Macfin is part bearded dragon part macaw and part dolphin.  This is how the creature came to be. 

Once there was a magnificent ship called the HMS Super Explorer.  That ship was sailing the beautiful open waters to explore and find buried treasure.  The ship crashed into some rocks on a stormy night and all of the passengers died except for Charles Sander, the ships second captain.  He survived the accident because he could tread water and he got lucky and held on to a large board of the ship.  After treading water for twenty minutes his legs were starting to get exhausted.

  Right before he accepted defeat a dolphin swam over to him and Charles grabbed its fin.  The dolphin then swam away carrying Charles on its back.  They finally reached an island were the dolphin let Charles get off.  Charles took off his backpack and looked for something to give the dolphin as a gift for saving his life.  All he could find to give was an empty jar used to keep small animals.  The man said to the dolphin “Thank you for saving me.  I wish I had something to repay you with, but all I have is this jar.”                                                                                                                                                

And when he said this, the dolphin shrunk down until he was an inch long and then he jumped into the tiny jar.  Charles amazed at what he saw stood there stunned but then realized he needed to fill the jar with water so the dolphin could survive.  He did so and then took the jar and started to explore the island.

   He found a patch of berries and he started to gather them because he was starving.  Right before he took a bite a vivid colored macaw came swooping down and knocked the berries out of his hands.  He yelled at the macaw because the berries landed in the dirt.  Right before he was going to eat another berry the dolphin started to make noise.  He realized the berries must be poisonous.  He thanked the macaw for saving his life and the macaw shrank down to an inch tall and sat on Charles shoulder.  He was shocked he found another magical animal.

  He started to walk when he hurt chatter.  He knew it was humans and then he heard they were talking about being hungry.  He saw them through the bushes and saw there clothes and weapons.  They were pirates!  He backed away slowly not wanting to have a confrontation with these sea raiders when he stepped on a rock and fell into a tree.  He yelled in pain and then heard the pirates coming after him.  He turned to run but felt a sword in the small of his back.  “Now why should I not kill you?”

The pirate had a very scary voice but Charles said “you said you were hungry, I know were some berries are”

“Show us the berries or I will cut you up so your insides look like squished berries.”

Charles gulped and then began to walk the way he came.  He showed the pirates the berries that were on the side of a rock formation and they began to eat them.  All of them ate except for the captain.  The captain picked up a berry and looked at it suspecting it could be poisonous.  He then thought it was fine and he held it to his mouth.  Then the other five pirates dropped dead to the ground.  The captain pulled out his sword and was about to cut Charles stomach in half when a bearded dragon jumped from the rocks above and bit the pirates nose off.  He then spit the nose into the open mouth of the pirate and then he jumped off.  The pirate was choking on his own nose for a few seconds before he fell over and died.  The bearded dragon saved his life.  Three animals saved his life today.  Like the other two animals the bearded dragon shrunk down to an inch and rested on the other shoulder of Charles. 

 Charles then walked to a lake in the middle of the island.  He then saw some huts made of would and leaves.  HE looked over and there were 50 people running at him.  He thought the island was uninhabited but he was wrong.  The island was home to hundreds of evil cannibals.  Luckily most of the cannibals were a couple of miles away but they were already heading back.  When the cannibals were surrounding him something amazing happened.  The dolphin jumped out of the jar and the bearded dragon and macaw jumped off Charles shoulder and hit each other in mid air.  There was a bright flash and a loud bang and the cannibals howled in fear.  The three animals joined together and started to grow until there was a 15 foot long creature. 

This creature had a head and front legs of a bearded dragon the wings of a macaw and a tail of a macaw.  The creature could fly, bite, swim, and jump.  The three animals were now one Bearded Macfin.  The great Macfin was huge!  It ran around biting of the cannibals heads and before they could attack with there spears it would fly to a new location and then start again.  It was smashing people with its dolphin tail and then would puff up its beard to show that it’s was all powerful.  The cannibals knew they would need the reinforcements that were coming there way so they started screaming in their language of clicks and noises.  Charles jumped on the back of the Bearded Macfin and it flew away just before hundreds of cannibals broke through the bushes and started shooting arrows.

  After hours of flying Charles realized he was home!  The Bearded Macfin shrunk down and followed Charles inside.  He left the creature down stairs while he went upstairs to get a piece a paper and a paint brush.  He wanted to paint a picture of the animal so it could be always remembered.  When he cleared the landing he saw the Bearded Macfin was gone!!!  He would never see the animal again but some neighbors claimed they saw a colorful bird fly away with a lizard on its back and fisherman spotted a dolphin swimming of the coast of England.  Later Charles discovered the amazing Platypus but that’s a whole different story.